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Zero Waste Cheat Cheat

Zero Waste Cheat Cheat


Zero Waste Cheat Sheet is Project Planet ID's first e-book that aims to educate & guide individuals in their green living journey. In this book, you will find descriptions of eco-products, their use, and the environmental issues those eco-products were invented to prevent.

Find out what YOU can replace, and what habits you can change for a greener earth! 


    • E-Book (PDF)
    • 46 Pages
    • Bibliography included
    • All proceeds will be donated to our non-profit organization, Project Planet ID, to support our content & operations

    Your donation matters! The price tag on this price is only the minimum donation to acquire the product, we truly appreciate it if you would like to add any amount to your donation :)

    By purchasing this book, you will help our cause & operations here in Project Planet ID. We intend to make more useful and educational content that supports the sustainability movement in Indonesia in order to protect our environment.

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